“It’s no ordinary scotch egg, it’s a hand crafted, crumb crusted, local farm supporting,
free range, meaty, gooey centred, ball of scrumminess”



Kirsty's Original
Piggin’ Simple
 Hot to Trot
Mature & Mitey
Pork- a-leekie The Black Pudding 
Smoky Bacon Eastern Spice


Beefy hors’doeuf​
Plucked & Stuffed  Hinh’ spired Kedgeregg
The Ploughman’s
It’s thyme deer Simply the Veg   Bite size varieties
​(with quail eggs)
Truffled Piddled pig     


​We also produce fabulously meaty sausage rolls which are currently available in the following flavours: original, smoky bacon, pork-a-leekie, piggin’ simple, mature & mitey and simply the veg.

Our eggs hail from playing about one afternoon to produce something new for the shop we then had. People loved them so much we made more & more, gaining wholesale customers, so we decided to shut the shop and bring our version of this delicious & perfect snack to the masses. That is where the fun started – customers suggested flavours they wanted, we played in the kitchen & voila - the range expanded. See above for current varieties, although many of these are seasonal or for special order, there is a core range available all year round.

Our scotch eggs are soft in the centre, we aim for runny eggs but due to the nature of our products we cannot guarantee this. Because our eggs are soft in the middle we pasteurise all our eggs on site prior to cooking to ensure their safety. Of course we already know they’re safe, as we use the best suppliers local to us for our ingredients, but there is no harm in being extra cautious!

A brief history of the scotch egg...

Believe it or not the humble scotch egg is not of Scottish origin. It was apparently conceived by Fortnum & Mason as the perfect travelling food for those long carriage journies in the 1700’s. In old English, the word scotched means processed, referring to the process of sausage meat encasing the egg, coating in crumb and cooking. 
Over the years the scotch egg was abused by huge manufacturers turning the nation into an army of haters perceiving it to be dry, crumbly and stodgy, luckily it has had a renaissance, bringing the scotch egg back into the hearts of the nation by using soft boiled eggs, beautiful sausage meat (with a variety of flavourings added) and proper breadcrumbs, not the orange things that look like they have been created in a science lab!

We hope you love our take on the scotch egg as much as we and our army of customers do!